Meet Kelly

Hello!  My name is Kelly and I’m the lady behind the camera!  I am a wife, mama to two (three if you count the sweet baby in my belly), and photographer.  I purchased my first SLR camera about 5 years ago with the hopes of getting the hang of this photography thing by the time I had kids.  I had fun taking photos of a crazy dog and capturing my first years of marriage.  Shortly after purchasing my camera I became pregnant with my sweet baby boy.  When he was born, my love for photography multiplied.  I love capturing his contagious personality.  Family and friends soon started asking me to photograph their children and families.  After a couple of sessions I realized something, I love capturing images that families can cherish forever.

One thing I have learned from being a mom is that time goes entirely too fast.  My kids change SO much everyday, and sometimes it’s hard to remember all of the stages they are going through.  I am so thankful for each and every photo I have of both of my kids.  As a photographer, I hope to create photos that will capture the stage of life your family is experiencing.  Whether it be a growing family, a busy 5 year old, or a brand new baby, I want to be able to capture it.

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate you being here!  When you are ready to book a session please click the contact link at the top of my page or email me at


{Photo courtesy of Kimberly Reid Photography}